Ready to build your website using services such as, Wix, Shopify, and Weebly, aren’t going to help you much. Yeah, these options seem cheap on the surface, but there’s a catch.  There are going to be times where you need an advanced fix to a difficult problem, or a specific feature, but the tools will not be available.  Getting your custom built website will help expand your brand and show that you are serious about your service or product.  Imagine launching a site and your competitor has the same format and layout. That’s not good for business.  Here are five reasons why you should hire Navii to build your custom website:

1. User Friendly

We build our websites on a CMS called WordPress. WordPress is one of the top content management systems used by many Fortune 500 companies. Their popularity stems from the abundant amount of plugins available that can be implemented to help your company grow.  This allows us the stream line the backend portion of coding, so we can deliver a high end product, in a more than reasonable amount of time. Our clients can create blog posts and post other content whenever they need to.

2. Unique Look

Every business has their own specific products or services.  We can assist a business in developing and designing the website by using an authentic logo, relevant content, and high-resolution images. We give a personalized feel to the website by selecting appropriate colors, graphics, navigation, layout, images, for your business.

3. On-Time Delivery

You can expect your website to be ready within 30 days. For larger projects, you’re looking at 60 days. Throughout the process, you’ll receive constant updates until the project is completed. There are several points when you will review the website and make changes accordingly. By having this window, there’s more time to get your new site exactly the way you want.

4. Very Affordable, but Valuable At the Same Time

We strive to offer enormous value at a price you can afford. Many web design companies charge over $5,000 for a single website but fail to produce anything that’s worth calling a site in the first place. With one of our clients, they paid a similar amount to a previous web design company that did a terrible job and didn’t finish the website at all.


You’re far more likely to get a quality web design from Navii than going the pre-built website route. We guarantee to provide value at an affordable cost. Give us a call at (587) 832 4699 or email if you’d like to get in touch immediately. We look forward to fulfill your website design needs!

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